Dedicated to all the others

Red Dress is a new arts organisation that aims to open up conversations about experiences and representations of sexual and violent crime. We work with community groups, arts organisations and individuals, to produce visual and dramatic narratives about violence, using an ethically informed, workshop based process.

Our work uses the wide ranging graphic novel Becoming Unbecoming by our creative director Una as a springboard. Our aim is to help create a better world for all of us by changing cultures of prurience and spectacle and raising the voices of victims of crime. Red Dress dedicates our work to all the others.

Becoming Unbecoming

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Our Values

Redress (verb) Remedy or set right. Restore the balance in a situation.

  • Our core purpose is to work together to make high-quality artistic works in response to experiences of sexual and violent crime
  • Taking a less intense approach can help others engage at a more profound level; it gives audiences space to think.

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Our Work’

How You Can Support Us

Help our organisation grow. We believe our arts based approach helps foster dialogue, solutions and well-being.

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Commission us to make artistic works for you, or with you.


Talk to us. Join in our participatory work. Follow us on socials and share our work. Our work is dedicated to all the others.

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Becoming Unbecoming “Challenges a global culture that demands that the victims of violence pay its cost.” Joanne Harris.

Becoming Unbecoming “An enormously meaningful and brilliant book I will think of and revisit often.” Quiet Mountain Reader.

Becoming Unbecoming “Her book is a roar on behalf of women all over the world.” Oprah.com

Events, activities, participation

Look out for news of our panel events in February, March and April, including a live feed performance from Coletivo Rubra, in Brazil. Funded by Arts Council England.

All participants work will be presented on a dedicated website:

Find out more

We are currently working with 12 participants, funded by Leeds Inspired, to tell life stories of violent and sexual crime in creative ways.

Una and Sara are facilitating 6 weeks of creative writing, drawing and forum theatre

Find out more here

Thank you so much for organising this it was brilliant.

Participant of a session with Una, Arts together, Leeds


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